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global FRAMEWORKS Ltd. works with organizations and communities at all stages of the planning and solutions-building process - defining the problem or need, identifying opportunities, addressing challenges and building on strengths.  We delineate responsibilities and formulate solutions.  We also implement action plans and evaluate results.  Our services in this capacity can be grouped into five main categories:

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Strategic Planning & Governance

gF works with organizations and communities to articulate their vision and establish a direction that takes into consideration the opportunities, risks and changes in the environment. We guide our clients through the process of developing realistic goals, formulating action plans and evaluating their progress. This work involves designing and facilitating strategic planning sessions and conducting reviews of governance structures and business processes. It also involves the development and implementation of evaluation frameworks.

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Development, Assessment & Implementation of Programs & Policies

gF works with clients to develop and implement new policies and programs to support their goals and organizational mandates.  We also help to assess, evaluate and improve existing programs and policies. This work involves designing and conducting feasibility assessments as well as developing evaluation frameworks.  In some cases, it also entails providing support in the developing of funding proposals and the crafting of business plans.

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Project Management

gF leads projects and teams from their inception through to completion and success.  We draw associates from a strong and diverse network of professionals to meet the task at hand.  We are skilled in creating project plans, developing budgets, resource assignments and change management procedures. We have a solid track record of successful projects brought in on time and on budget.

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Community Planning & Research

gF works with communities to formulate long range visions, goals, policies and strategies for guiding future development and achieving local economic, environmental and social sustainability. This work often involves research to better understand existing community assets, future opportunities and vulnerabilities, and possible scenarios for moving forward.  It also entails working with communities to balance the interests of individual stakeholders with the wider interests and objectives of the whole community. We work with clients to design the community planning process, we develop the plans and we provide support through implementation.

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Community Engagement & Multi-Stakeholder Processes

gF helps clients to identify and communicate effectively with their stakeholders. We design and implement community consultation processes and have experience conducting consultations with vulnerable groups. We also design and facilitate complex change processes in way that effectively enables diverse stakeholders to come together, share experiences, learn together and contribute to decisions.

We have experience providing strategic advice on government relations and have worked with several groups to convey technical and complex subject matter to non-technical audiences, drawing out the central concepts and crafting them so as to succinctly, clearly and accurately communicate the information.