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Vanderhoof Housing Needs Assessment

Developed community and housing profiles for the District of Vanderhoof, BC and conducted a community consultation and workshop to explore housing issues and potential strategies under a range of future scenarios. (District of Vanderhoof; Collaborators: CDI)

Tsawwassen First Nations Policy Development

Developed several policies for TFN self-governance including policies for HR, financial management, IT, emergency medical assistance and fees and licences. (Tsawwassen First Nation)

EMERGENCE Canada Project

Managed EMERGENCE, a national research project investigating different outsourcing arrangements of telemediated employment between firms within Canada and between Canada and the rest of the world. (UBC EMERGENCE)

Investing in our creative people: a cultural labour force development strategy

Designed and executed a province-wide consultation and devised a labour force strategy for the cultural sector. (BC Cultural Sector Development Council; Collaborators: Human Capital Strategies)

Skilled Immigrant-Construction Industry Integrated Assessment and Bridging Program

Designed and implemented a province-wide consultation process with employers, service providers and foreign trained workers to inform the development of a bridging program to facilitate the employment of foreign trained workers in the construction trades. (BC Construction Association & S.U.C.C.E.S.S)

Tumbler Ridge Sustainability Plan

Conducted key informant interviews, workshops and a community open house to develop a series of strategies to support sustainability and resiliency. (District of Tumbler Ridge; Collaborators: CDI)

Vancouver Regional Urban Observatory

Served as Project Manager for RVu, Vancouver’s site for the global network of urban observatories of UN-Habitat, a role which entails designing and executing a region-wide participatory process with over 150 community members to develop and implement a set of sustainability indicators for Vancouver. (UN-Habitat, RVu, SFU)

BCNET Strategic Planning

Collaborated with Catherine Holt of Sage Group Management Consultants to design and facilitate strategic planning sessions for two years in a row the Board of BCNET, a not-for-profit shared information technology services organization that represents the interests of colleges, universities and research institutes in British Columbia. This work involved conducted interviews with all 22 of the Board members, analyzing and presenting these results as the foundations for he planning sessions. (BCNET; Collaborators: Sage Group)

Foreign Land Ownership Policy Review

Conducted an international review of policies and approaches from around the world aimed at limiting non-resident ownership of residential property – and summarized the results into a policy and education publication for real estate professionals, policy makers and the public. (Real Estate Institute of BC; Collaborators: CDI)

Achieving Building Safety Feasibility Assessment

Conducted a feasibility assessment for a new line of business for the BC Safety Authority, involving data collection and interviews with local government; a series of key informant interviews with industry stakeholders and research on other jurisdictions. (BC Safety Authority; Collaborators: Sage Group)

Clearwater Community Mobility Study

Managed an in depth, three-year community-based mobility assessment to build an understanding of factors that impede seniors’ mobility as well as identify and execute improvements to make the community more accessible.  The project also involved the development of a toolkit for conducting seniors’ mobility assessments.  (Vancouver Foundation; Collaborators: District of Clearwater and CDI)

Princess Rooms Transitional Housing Program Evaluation

Developed a progress and outcomes-based evaluation of Princess Rooms, a transitional housing project in Vancouver’s downtown eastside, including tenant surveys, focus groups, database analysis and report writing. (Triage Emergency Services)

Town of Okotoks Social Wellness Framework

Developed a framework for social wellness that involved a community-wide consultation and the development of a set of indicators to monitor and report on the state of social wellness in Okotoks, Alberta. (Town of Okotoks; Collaborators: Marleen Morris & Associates)

Education for Quality Improvements in Patient Care

Chaired the working group, advised on stakeholder/partner communications and managed projects of a joint initiative between the BC Ministry of Health, UVIC Department of Epidemiology and the BC Medical Association aimed at improving physician education about prescription drugs. (BC Ministry of Health, UVIC Department of Epidemiology & BC Medical Association)

Measuring Up Guide Consultations & Update

Conducted province-wide stakeholder consultations and implementing changes for a new Guide for the 2010 Legacies Now Measuring Up initiative to help communities conduct assessments of inclusivity and accessibility. (2010 Legacies Now; Collaborators: Marleen Morris & Associates)

Employment Access for Skilled Immigrants Community Dialogues

Organized and facilitated a series of community dialogues on topics pertaining to the employment of skilled immigrants in British Columbia. (Employment Access for Skilled Immigrants Initiative)

West Coast LEAF Feasibility Assessment of a Gender-Audit Social Enterprise

Conducted a feasibility assessment for a social enterprise to deliver gender-audit type consulting services to BC clients. (West Coast LEAF)

SFU Capital Plan & Campus Master Plan

Coordinated input from various university departments to write the Five Year SFU Capital Plan 2017-2022. gF was also hired to develop a project charter for the SFU Burnaby Campus Master Plan. (SFU Facilities Development)

Pacifica Treatment Centre Policy Review and Development

Undertook a review of organizational policies and procedures, updated and developed new organizational policies; also designed and facilitated a workshop with staff to gain input and buy-in on the policy changes.  (Pacifica Treatment Centre)

Assessment of Rapid-Response Helicopter Emergency Medical Systems

Conducted a review of air-based rapid-response medical systems from across Canada on behalf of H.E.R.O.S. to assess options for delivering such a system n Northern BC. (Northern H.E.R.O.S.; Collaborators: CDI)

WestGrid Strategic Planning Process

Designed and facilitated a strategic planning/change management process for the Site Leads of WestGrid, a regional consortia which operates and supports supercomputing resources and advanced research computing for industry and academic and industry institutions throughout western Canada. (WestGrid)

Northern BC Housing Study

Researched and produced a publication series examining the key trends, opportunities and challenges influencing housing demand and supply in ten communities across Northern B.C. (BC Housing; Collaborators: CDI)

Yukon Public Service Employment Diversity Program

Provided strategic advice and communications support to Ministry staff in crafting a proposal to obtain federal funding for the Yukon Public Service Commission’s Employment Diversity Program. (Government of the Yukon Pubic Service Commission)

A Study of Income Support Benefits Offered Under the Resettlement Assistance Program

Compiled, verified and analyzed data from jurisdictions across Canada on benefits offered under the Resettlement Assistance Program for Canadian Government Assisted Refugees as part of a national study on income supports for Citizenship and Immigration Canada. (Citizenship and Immigration Canada; Collaborators: SPARC BC)

Alberta Safety Codes Regulatory Policy Change Consultation

Designed and executed an extensive consultation with the aim of determining the impact and response to a policy change in the regulatory system affecting municipalities, large contractors, building owners, engineers and architects. (Alberta Safety codes Council; Collaborators: Harry Diemer & Associates)

Employee Housing in Whistler Research Study

Conducted a research study on Whistler employee housing trends and patterns, and facilitated the development of a housing database for future monitoring of housing trends for employees. (Whistler Housing Authority; Collaborators: Terra Housing Consultants)

Nisga’a Consultations – Westcoast Connector Gas Transmission Project

Worked with members of four Nisga’a villages to organize community meetings in relation to an LNG pipeline project. (Canadian LNG)

Burnaby Community Needs Assessment, Consultation and Strategic Plan

Conducted a community needs assessment involving demographic analysis, a public survey, a series of focus groups and key informant interviews - and worked with the board and staff of the Burnaby Public Library to develop a strategic plan. (Burnaby Public Library; Collaborators: Marleen Morris & Associates)

Thompson Rivers University Administration-Finance Strategic Planning

Designed and facilitated a strategic planning process with the TRU Admin-Finance leadership team to develop a vision, mission, and set of values and goals as the foundations for a strategic plan. (Thompson Rivers University)

Building Opportunities for Business Small Grants Program Impact Evaluation

Conducted an impact evaluation of a small grants program aimed at building and attracting local businesses and social enterprises to Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, involving the development of a program logic model and a series of interview with grantees. (Building Opportunities for Business)

Clearwater Community Mobility Study

Managed an in depth, three-year community-based mobility assessment to build an understanding of factors that impede seniors’ mobility as well as identify and execute improvements to make the community more accessible. The project also involved the development of a toolkit for conducting seniors’ mobility assessments. (Vancouver Foundation; Collaborators: District of Clearwater and CDI)

BC Employers Toolkit – Guides on Hiring & Retraining Foreign Workers; Hiring & Retraining People with Disabilities

Developed two guides for a toolkit aimed at educating and empowering employers to hire underrepresented groups, specifically foreign workers and people with disabilities. Guides were developed based on extensive research on best practices to respond to the human resources needs of small and medium sized business throughout the Province. (BC Ministry of Economic Development)

Asia Pacific Gateway Skills Table Strategic Planning

Worked with the APGST and its stakeholders to identify strategic initiatives for the upcoming year and to develop project proposals and to develop funding strategies and proposals. (Asia Pacific Gateway Skills Table)

Community Indicators

gF has been engaged on various community indicator initiatives, consulting communities and stakeholders to develop, compile, analyze and report out on indicators of community vitality, well-being, sustainability, and environmental integrity. These have included the Fraser Basin Sustainability Initiative, the Fraser River Estuary Management Program, the Community Foundations of Canada Vital Signs initiatives in Vancouver (and Vancouver youth), Boundary and the Sunshine Coast. gF was hired to develop indicator reports on population and women’s health for Vancouver Coastal Health. We were also part of the research team that produced the baseline indicator report for the 2010 Olympic Games Impact Committee.

Network for the Sharing of Canadian Incident Information and Data

Facilitated a consultative process with a national network of government agencies, regulatory bodies and safety organizations to ascertain a viable process by which to establish a mechanism for sharing injury and incident data across jurisdictions. (National Public Safety Advisory Committee: Collaborators: Harry Diemer & Associates)

Mount Waddington Youth Housing Study & Community Consultation

Designed and implemented community consultations to identify priorities, opportunities and barriers to providing youth housing services in the region of Mount Waddington. (BC Ministry of Children & Families)

Director of Government Relations for Spectra Energy West

Managed government relations for the largest fully integrated natural gas collection, processing and transportation system in Western Canada. This system, which moves enough natural gas to heat 600,000 homes for a year, serves as a critical link between the extensive gas production region of northeast BC and markets in both Canada and the US. As Acting Director of Government Relations, Clare served as the primary liaison with the provincial government and each of the 20 plus municipalities in which Spectra had operations. Thereafter, she managed stakeholder and government relations for a world scale carbon capture and storage project. (Spectra Energy, now owned by Enbridge Inc.)

BCNET Board Evaluation and Membership Governance

Implemented and analyzed a survey of Board members and produced an evaluation of the Board as a whole and its Members, including recommendations for addressing current weaknesses and deficiencies. gF was also hired to conduct a review the Board membership policy, formulate options and recommend refinements. (BCNET)

Prince George Community Needs Assessment

Planned and carried our a series of focus groups with low income, urban and First Nations communities of Prince George on priorities for literacy, training and community development services on behalf of the Prince George Public Library. (Prince George Public Library; Collaborators: Marleen Morris & Associates)

BC Ministry of Health Special Projects

Clare was brought in to manage several priority projects and change initiatives in health, including the implementation of Fair PharmaCare, the regional devolution of the Home Oxygen Program, a 10 year health human resources plan, a Report Card tracking BC’s progress on the working conditions for nurses, and a new decision making framework for PharmaCare formulary. She was also the lead writer from BC on the first progress report on the National Pharmaceutical Strategy for First Ministers of Health.

Fort St. James Economic Action Plan

Worked with the community of Fort St. James, BC and members of the Nak'azdli First Nations to develop strategies for economic development. (District of Fort St. James; Collaborators: CDI)

International Educated Nurses Pilot Project

Worked with project stakeholders from Vancouver Coastal Health and Kwantlen University College to develop a project plan and budget for a pilot project aimed at integrating internationally trained nurses into the workforce. (Vancouver Coastal Health Authority)

Victoria Public Library Strategic Plan

Designed, implemented and analyzed an online survey of over 2,000 library users to support a future visioning and strategic planning process for Greater Victoria Library system. (Greater Victoria Public Library; Collaborators: Marleen Morris & Associates)

VGH Mental Health Collaborative Care

Managed a project involving a multidisciplinary team of physicians, health professionals and administrators with the goal of developing a business plan for designing, funding and implementing a new model for intake, triage and crisis resolution for adults, children and youth with psychiatric concerns on Vancouver Island.   (Vancouver Island Health Authority)

Demonstrating Value Project

Developed a framework and set of metrics for reporting on the social, cultural, environmental and economic value produced by social enterprises. (VanCity-HRDC)