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Project Management

EMERGENCE Canada Project

Managed EMERGENCE, a national research project investigating different outsourcing arrangements of telemediated employment between firms within Canada and between Canada and the rest of the world. (UBC EMERGENCE)

International Educated Nurses Pilot Project

Worked with project stakeholders from Vancouver Coastal Health and Kwantlen University College to develop a project plan and budget for a pilot project aimed at integrating internationally trained nurses into the workforce. (Vancouver Coastal Health Authority)

BC Ministry of Health Special Projects

Clare was brought in to manage several priority projects and change initiatives in health, including the implementation of Fair PharmaCare, the regional devolution of the Home Oxygen Program, a 10 year health human resources plan, a Report Card tracking BC’s progress on the working conditions for nurses, and a new decision making framework for PharmaCare formulary. She was also the lead writer from BC on the first progress report on the National Pharmaceutical Strategy for First Ministers of Health.

Vancouver Regional Urban Observatory

Served as Project Manager for RVu, Vancouver’s site for the global network of urban observatories of UN-Habitat, a role which entails designing and executing a region-wide participatory process with over 150 community members to develop and implement a set of sustainability indicators for Vancouver. (UN-Habitat, RVu, SFU)

Education for Quality Improvements in Patient Care

Chaired the working group, advised on stakeholder/partner communications and managed projects of a joint initiative between the BC Ministry of Health, UVIC Department of Epidemiology and the BC Medical Association aimed at improving physician education about prescription drugs. (BC Ministry of Health, UVIC Department of Epidemiology & BC Medical Association)

Clearwater Community Mobility Study

Managed an in depth, three-year community-based mobility assessment to build an understanding of factors that impede seniors’ mobility as well as identify and execute improvements to make the community more accessible. The project also involved the development of a toolkit for conducting seniors’ mobility assessments. (Vancouver Foundation; Collaborators: District of Clearwater and CDI)

VGH Mental Health Collaborative Care

Managed a project involving a multidisciplinary team of physicians, health professionals and administrators with the goal of developing a business plan for designing, funding and implementing a new model for intake, triage and crisis resolution for adults, children and youth with psychiatric concerns on Vancouver Island.   (Vancouver Island Health Authority)