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Hundertwasser Artwork - La Cite

global FRAMEWORKS Ltd. is a Vancouver-based consultancy that specializes in community and organizational planning, stakeholder engagement, research and project management. We work with clients in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors to build capacity, identify opportunities and devise innovative solutions.

Established in 2000, gF has a well-earned reputation for achieving results. We take a collaborative, results-based approach to our clients. Our success comes from our experience, our ability to lead and work well with others and an overriding commitment to quality and excellence.

Artwork – 167 La Cite´ – by Friedensreich Hundertwasser | © 2016 Namida AG, Glarus, Switzerland | Hundertwasser Foundation

What We Do

global FRAMEWORKS Ltd. works with organizations and communities at all stages of the planning and solutions-building process - defining the problem or need, identifying opportunities, addressing challenges and building on strengths.  We delineate responsibilities and formulate solutions.  We also implement action plans and evaluate results.  Our services in this capacity can be grouped into five main categories:

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